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Conferences & Talks

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To inspire your audiences during memorable events, Uprightly draws on its network of industry experts and personalities with unique backgrounds.

From conveying knowledge, motivating and inspiring audiences to associating your image with a renowned personality: our experts are essential individuals to easily and effectively communicate on key issues.

To make a lasting impression through unique and memorable moments, we support you in creating value in your online and offline events.

Diverse talks to understand various themes and be inspired by unique experiences

During conferences, roundtables, TV shows or interviews, our public figures and industry experts inspire your audiences while providing them with new knowledge.

At Uprightly, there is no “catalogue effect” where you would simply pick a speaker at random. We work closely with you to find the right speaker specially adapted to your event theme, your audience and your strategic needs.

Specialized industry experts & public figures with unique backgrounds

To enlighten your audiences and give them new keys to understanding, our industry experts speak on specific subjects such as the economy, artificial intelligence, consumer trends, science and many other ones.

To inspire your audiences and give them a fresh perspective, our inspiring public figures with extraordinary backgrounds speak on topics such as creativity, self-confidence, career transition, entrepreneurship, positive change, optimism, innovation and boldness.

Our mission is to create enriching and memorable conferences to foster creativity and knowledge.

Knowledge and expertise

Marketing & Communications

Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Management, Human Resources & Workplace well-being

Governance, Organization, Consulting to companies and executives

Finance & Investment Consulting

CSR, Sustainable Growth & Change Management

Technological Transformation & Innovation

Return on Investment & Performance

Customer Experience & Relationship

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Culture & Society

Diversity & Inclusion in the company

Market expansion

Digital Transformation and Digital Media

Crisis Management & Brand Image

Consumer insights, Competitive environment & Product launch

Resilience & Optimism

Self-confidence & Self-improvement

Performance & Collective intelligence

Cohesion & Team spirit

Connected Health

Decision Making

Our network of industry experts

Find an industry expert for your project