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Take the stage!

Take the stage

As a manager or public figure, you are regularly required to speak in public in the course of your professional activities. Conventions, interviews on television and with journalists, presentations of strategic plans to shareholders; there are so many situations where the way you speak and present yourself has to be both confident and convincing.

Just reciting a text, however, will never be enough to convince an audience by itself.

Our journalists and MCs use all their experience from the media world to help you understand exactly how to speak and convey your message with confidence and clarity.

The strength of our network allows us to offer a service which is entirely adapted to the particularities of your own situation, your chosen host supporting you until you have perfected the content of your speech and the eloquence of its delivery.

Media coaching

Body language, intonation, pause time, speech rhythm, stress management; in order to convince your audience whilst conveying the right message, it is essential to master the codes and techniques of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

Our experts help you find your true speaker identity.

Through public speaking scenarios, they train you to manage your stress, your body language, your voice tone, as well as your posture.

Our media coaches will ensure that you always connect with your audience as convincingly as possible.

When in an interview with a journalist, having your verbal and nonverbal communication under control makes all the difference.

Before answering any question, you need to be fully prepared to offset tricky questions, uncomfortable situations and to guess your interlocutor’s intentions.

Our experts help you to become a reliable spokesperson that shares clear messages and reduces crisis risks.

With real-life interview scenarios, our media trainers give you all the knowledge to express yourself convincingly to the press and media.

Their training gives you the confidence to deal with pressure and stay in complete control of your speech no matter the situation.

Media training

Live shopping

Hosting a Live Shopping does not simply consist in reading a script and looking at the camera. To spark your public’s interest you need to perfect all the rules to convey emotions, to tell a memorable brand or product story and to trigger sales.

Our experts guide brands, agencies and content creators to optimize the performance, techniques and ROI of their live shoppings.

Our training is adapted to every characteristic of your live shopping and our coaches give you all the key information to create a humanized online buying experience that privileges real time interactions.

Our experts advise you on every aspect of your live shopping to give your clients the opportunity to get familiar with your products, to project themselves “in situation” and, thus, to instill a trust feeling. They help you create genuine and fun interactions.

During this training our experts in live shopping pass on their knowledge and exclusive methods already used in direct sale and media to build a strong connection with your clients and trigger the sales.

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