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Our story

Back to the roots


A network of hosts and journalists

Uprightly was founded in 2016 by François-Xavier Canova, who already had 15 years of experience in the media and events industries when the company was created.

The initial objective was to provide hosts and journalists with specific, expert, skills to companies and institutions in order to go beyond the simple notion of “fame”. 

Uprightly soon developed a close relationship with its clients in the public and private sectors due to its ability to quickly provide hosts for events with different formats. 

In 2017, Uprightly extended its support to marketing strategy consulting, aiming to provide solutions for the reflection or decision making processes of companies and institutions.

The aim was to enhance and optimize the effectiveness of strategies prior to the debut of communication campaigns.  

At the same time, the expansion of Uprightly’s network of consultants allowed us to integrate the skills of industry experts and inspiring public figures, giving our clients the opportunity to better understand complex issues or to inform, inspire and build rapport with their audiences at conferences or public events.


Strategy consulting & industry experts


Celebrity marketing and public figure consulting

With an already extensive network of experts and journalists, in 2019, Uprightly began offering the services of high-profile public figures such as sportsmen and women, artists and famous TV hosts. This meant that, moving forward, companies could call on Uprightly to help develop meaningful partnerships with their audiences and customers through celebrity public speakers or brand ambassadors.

The company’s management team was also strengthened by the arrival of Stéphane Jobert as Managing Director. With over 20 years’ experience as a journalist working for TV and radio, Stéphane became responsible for the company’s media training and public speaking services. He also assumed responsibility for editorial strategies and media coaching.

In 2021, we constantly strengthened our internal teams and network of experts to deliver a restructured service that placed expertise at the very heart of our business.

With our selected industry experts, Uprightly continued to provide the expertise necessary to understand the topics vital to our clients’ businesses through auditing, industry research, inspirational conferences, consulting and strategy development.

Through our journalists and hosts, our clients were trained in mastering the art of public speaking, in writing and developing editorial strategies and embodying and presenting content through events.


Expertise at the heart of our business