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Consulting & Strategy

Supporting your future goals

Within your business, you need to be constantly aligned with the challenges of your time and market which, today, include climate change, societal issues, technological advances, changing financial models and new means of communication.
Thanks to our network of industry experts, we can help you understand, follow, anticipate and adapt to these transformations and ensure the future success of your business.

A network of industry experts to help you understand and decide

The Uprightly network of industry experts is designed to respond to the widest possible range of business subjects and situations.

Composed of men and women actively working in their fields, our network of consultants has the widest range of profiles and includes CEOs, investors, creators, artists, scientists, traders, ethical hackers, great athletes and economists.

They will provide you with a prospective framework and actionable insights for your strategic decision-making in order to:

  • to understand your socio-political, environmental, legislative, economic, technological or competitive environment;
  • to detect opportunities in a variety of areas such as finance, marketing, HR, organization, CSR, crisis management, experience or customer relations.

Supporting you at each stage of your strategic decision making process

We can assist you: 

  • in the consulting phase, to accurately determine the stakes and particularities of your situation in order to specify the risks and perceive the opportunities available
  • in the strategic phase, to help you plan the most effective and sustainable actions within a long-term strategy 
  • on your company’s board, to bring an external and informed perspective at critical and decisive moments for the governance of the business.

Our goal is to help accelerate the development of your ideas and actions by providing you with new and actionable perspectives.

Knowledge and expertise

Marketing & Communications

Cybersecurity, Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence

Management, Human Resources & Workplace well-being

Governance, Organization, Consulting to companies and executives

Finance & Investment Consulting

CSR, Sustainable Growth & Change Management

Technological Transformation & Innovation

Return on Investment & Performance

Customer Experience & Relationship

Startups & Entrepreneurship

Culture & Society

Diversity & Inclusion in the company

Market expansion

Digital Transformation and Digital Media

Crisis Management & Brand Image

Consumer insights, Competitive environment & Product launch

Connected Health

Decision Making

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