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Our values

Master any subject with the right expertise

In order to provide you with accurate and effective support solutions, we value the specific skills of highly specialized and experienced industry experts.

Our mission is to provide the right skills and expertise for you to progress with confidence.

No trust without transparency

With Uprightly, there are no hidden margins, opaque remuneration or multiple poorly paid subcontractors. We work with all our clients and for all types of projects in full price transparency.

Our conviction: any service budget must be clear and understandable.

 Concretely, our contracts are drawn up on a tripartite basis, with the expert (industry expert, journalist or inspiring public figure), the client and Uprightly as co-signers, and with the actual income of each party stated.

This way, you know how much we charge for our services and how much each party is paid.

Our goal is to work in complete transparency so that we can work together in complete trust.

Reactive. Effective. And perfectly in tune.

Within our teams and our expert network, we organize our workflow to ensure maximum reactivity and effective processes.

We work in a way to ensure that we respond quickly and appropriately to any request, whatever the matter and the format.

Thanks to our expert network with more than 3,000 collaborators, in more than 15 countries, we can adapt to any specificities of any projects and to our clients’ work methods.

Discover Uprightly

Discover Uprightly

Uprightly is an Expert Network that serves your success.

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