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Hosting an event

Under the spotlight

Whether in a media format or at an event, the host embodies your brand and creates a sense of connection, trust and rhythm in the interactions and exchanges with your audience.

Uprightly can help you find the right talent to deliver a powerful and empathetic message that will truly capture the attention of your audience.

Under the spotlight

From well-known presenters to journalists specialized in areas such as CSR, economics, new technologies and geopolitics, we can bring to your event or media outlet the vision of an expert who can structure the way the information is presented, create the necessary rhythm and, above all, truly embody the event for your audience.

Experienced in various media formats (TV, radio, events), the hosts and MCs of our network will assist you with the entire scripting of your events, from the structuring of speeches and allocating the speaking time of each participant

to making spontaneous exchanges with the audience, managing the unexpected, and filling in any gaps that may occur.

Our hosts are in charge not just of the timing and sequencing of your events but also the image you convey to your audiences. By linking their image to yours, they will embody your brand or institution and create truly memorable brand-building moments with your prospects, customers and partners.

Our network of hosts and journalists

Find an MCs or a journalist for your project