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Discover Uprightly

Uprightly, The Expert network

Uprightly is a unique network of industry experts, journalists, corporate MCs and hosts, ready to help you understand the global issues and sectors that are shaping the world and your business today.

Our goal

to provide you with the expertise you need to make relevant decisions, develop successful strategies and master your public speaking.

What makes us special

What makes us special: we have created a network of over 4,000 recognized experts including CEOs, investors, creators, artists, scientists, traders and ethical hackers, all currently working successfully in their industries and fields of expertise.

A unique network

Our industry experts cover a wide range of subjects and sectors and provide their expertise:

  • through consulting
  • via board participation;
  • at conferences and events.

Our hosts and journalists help you master your brand message:

  • by designing your editorial strategy;
  • by improving your public speaking;
  • by embodying your brand and hosting your events.

Our clients

More than 200 companies, institutions, agencies and NGOs have already asked us to provide them with the vital support of our industry experts, hosts and journalists.

Our values

Our values

Expertise. Efficiency. Transparency.

Our story

Our Story

Uprightly is an Expert Network that serves your success.