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Find a motivational speaker for memorable events!

What is a motivational speaker?

A motivational speaker is an individual with extraordinary backgrounds who shares their experiences and their vision of the world in order to inspire their audiences.

Through themes such as resilience, self-confidence, audacity, rebound, self-perfection, learning through failure, stress and emotion management… a motivational speaker motivates their audiences to improve and to approach, from a new angle, the problems they face, whether in a professional or private environment.

Inspiring people help their audiences to make better decisions and adopt a different mindset, leading them to take action with positive impact.

In the context of a business event, an inspiring speaker’s mission is to convey motivational messages to a company’s employees.

They boost their will, strengthen team cohesion and create a better work dynamic.

Thanks to our personalized services, the Uprightly team will ensure that you are matched with an motivational speaker who has the skills, expertise, eloquence and legitimacy to make your project a success.

A motivational speaker can be involved in global issues

Personal development, career transition, management by trust or positive change are all topics at the heart of current issues, particularly thanks to the creation of “corporate social responsibility”.

The way brands work and communicate is changing and individuals are seeking fulfillment within their profession, while feeling that they are acting for a wider cause. 

Private and public economic actors are leading their audiences to realize that they can make wider changes, by improving both their personal and collective performances. Motivational speakers at business events can help in this regard.

They provide their audiences with a fresh perspective on global issues and enable them to find ways to grow, develop new skills and engage in new and meaningful projects.

With an extensive network of motivational speakers, we are able to offer you a range of expertise, values and backgrounds to suit each of your projects.

Our motivational speakers intervene on various formats

From seminars to fairs or even award ceremonies, motivational speakers mark your events with meaningful talks, encouraging your teams to open up to new topics and be inspired by outstanding achievements.


Alone on a stage, they speak in front of a large or small audience to convey impactful messages with charisma and conviction. Through conferences, these individuals with atypical backgrounds share their stories, testify to their struggles and, above all, inspire their audiences to surpass themselves.


Face to face with a journalist, motivational speakers can more easily tell their stories, through a dynamic and natural exchange, thus creating more proximity with the targeted audiences.

Round tables

In the form of a discussion with several expert or motivational public figures, the motivational speakers can share ideas and express their views on various subjects. The discussion is moderated by a facilitator to ensure that all participants are able to express themselves appropriately. In this way, your audiences can adopt a critical mind and form a new opinion.

Recognising that the motivational speaker is one of the central elements of your event, Uprightly consultants ensure that they are carefully selected and responsive to any situation.

How to find motivational speakers?

You are organizing an event and you would like a motivational speaker to intervene? There are several ways to find one.

A speaker bureau

Most companies use the services of a ‘speakers bureau’, an agency specialized in bringing in speakers, hosts, journalists or experts, whether they are famous or not, to professional events.

Our Expert Network, Uprightly

With an extensive and finely developed expert network, Uprightly works closely with actors from the private and public sector to select the right motivational speakers for their projects, needs and objectives.

To inspire your audiences and give them a fresh perspective, our motivational public figures are industry or subject-matter experts, with extraordinary backgrounds. 

They intervene on themes such as creativity, self-confidence, professional reconversion, entrepreneurship, positive change, optimism, innovation and boldness.

Our goal is to create meaningful and inspiring conferences to foster creativity and knowledge.