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Expert, motivational, famous? Find the right speaker for your event

Find a speaker for special events

To pass on knowledge, to provide the keys to understanding, to motivate and inspire audiences, to associate your image with a renowned personality: a speaker intervenes at your professional events.

Seminars, trade fairs, exhibitions, general meetings, conferences, interviews, TV shows, webinars… Whether in person or on an online digital platform, each event requires suitable speakers.

Being a speaker means combining skills and eloquence, which is why we help you find a competent speaker who will do a demanding job in order to bring a strong and memorable moment to your event.

Before you find a speaker for an event, make sure you plan their intervention

Bringing in a speaker to your event is not something you can improvise and requires you to think about several aspects.

1. Define clearly the theme of your event, its issues and objectives 

By defining these elements, you will know exactly what specialities and areas of expertise your speaker should have.

Whether you choose an industry expert, an inspiring personality or a celebrity, the choice of your speaker will depend on the specifics of your event.

2. When organizing your event, establish a budget for your speaker

If you have a predefined budget for a speaker, our consultants can quickly direct you to profiles that fit within your budget. Thanks to our extensive network, we can quickly find the right speaker with the right price.

3. Contact our speakers bureau

Send us all the information about your event and your needs. Our consultants will find the ideal profile for your event.

We help you find the right speaker for an event

We assist private and public companies, institutions, NGOs and communication and event agencies in the choice of their speakers, in order to unite their audiences around unforgettable moments.

With our expert network, we efficiently find the right speaker for your event and your budget.

Within our network, our speakers allow you to better understand a subject, to inspire your teams, to help you decide on effective strategies and to link your reputation to that of renowned personalities. 

Cybersecurity, philosophy, e-health, finance, CSR, marketing, change management, innovation, self-confidence, positive transformation, boldness… We work closely with you to find the speaker best suited to your audience, your strategic expectations and the specificities of your event.

Our network of speakers allows you to engage in :

Motivational speakers

Those individuals with extraordinary backgrounds, who will share their unique experiences to inspire your audiences to improve themselves and take action. They speak on topics such as creativity, optimism, resilience, self-confidence, positive change and boldness.

Industry expert speakers

They are individuals specialized in a field (scientists, investors, historians, chemists, engineers, artists…) and who speak on specific subjects such as the economy, artificial intelligence, consumer trends or other themes. They allow your audiences to enrich their knowledge, provide them with new keys to understanding and help them in their decision-making. They give you the keys to understanding the issues and sectors that shape the world.

Famous speakers

Actors, sportsmen, performers, scientists, authors… These are public figures from different sectors. These celebrities do not only come from the audiovisual or entertainment world: they can also be nationally or internationally renowned scientists, sportsmen, authors of best sellers, philosophers or philanthropists.

We study each situation to find your ideal speaker

We are against the “catalog effect”: rather than picking a speaker from a list of profiles, we work closely with you and advise you according to your needs and the specificities of your project. 

When we receive your brief, our teams of consultants carefully analyse your request and discuss it with you in order to understand precisely what is at stake in your event, its context, its format, your expectations and strategic objectives, the audiences present, and your brand universe. 

Only after this precise analysis, we are able to propose several profiles that will correspond to all the elements you have specified and thus find the ideal speaker.

We work closely and regularly with our industry experts, speakers and facilitators, which allows us to offer you their profiles quickly and efficiently. 

Finally, by acting as “headhunters”, we regularly find new experts and ensure that our talent pool is constantly renewed, so that we can continue to expand our network of speakers.

Our mission: to find the right speaker for your topic, your audience and your strategic expectations.

Our experts not only assist you to find a speaker, but they also support you with consulting

For more than 5 years, we have been building a network of industry experts to intelligently address specific and complex needs.

Our experts provide you with the keys to understanding the issues and sectors that shape the world, helping you to develop effective strategies and to take on actions.

Thanks to our industry experts, you will benefit from their unique expertise in order to understand subjects during the consulting phase, to develop strategies or, during your events, to benefit from their insights in speeches or conferences.

Thanks to our network of journalist-animators, you will be supported in mastering your speeches.

In writing, our journalist-leaders develop your editorial strategies; in speaking, they train teams or managers in speaking through media coaching; through embodiment, they bring your content to life and animate your events.

Thanks to our network of experts, you will obtain all the keys to finding a speaker, developing your strategies, leading your events and perfecting your speaking skills.