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A marketing advisory firm: the ally of your strategy?

What is a marketing consulting firm?

Our marketing consulting company will assist you in auditing a situation and developing relevant marketing strategies.

A marketing consulting company such as Uprightly can help you develop marketing audits, research and strategies to understand the dynamics of your market and find the most appropriate actions to achieve success.

Our teams have a global reflection role: audit, studies and sectoral analyses, the marketing consultants accompany you to understand your market or your situation and propose solutions that will have a positive impact on your company.

Thanks to our global expertise in various fields of analysis, our industry experts can assist you in all the stages before the production phase, which will be implemented by a communications company. 

Uprightly has an extensive network of industry experts to advise and help you develop your strategies.

For each project, we bring together a team of experts specialised in your sector and your field of interest. This way, you can be sure to implement relevant actions that will positively impact your company, its situation, its components or its place in its market.

Our industry experts work with all types of companies and brands: they have worked with major brands such as EDF or BNP, various public figures such as Christèle Albaret or Luc de Brabandere, and institutions such as the Ministries of the Economy and Finance.

When should you contact our marketing consulting company?

A company can choose to contact our consulting company during different phases of the project.

Because a marketing consulting company accompanies you through the various phases of your projects, it is required to develop various strategies: product launch, crisis management, brand image, etc.

At every stage of your project, Uprigtly’s industry experts will advise you and develop your marketing strategy.

Why should you use the services of our marketing consulting company?

Uprightly can be called upon to complement or reinforce the work of your internal marketing teams. 

The fresh and external view of our sector experts allows us to effectively analyze and understand the market in which you evolve. Thanks to an expertise perfected through each situation encountered, they bring you a global vision of your situation.

Our consulting company also has an extensive network, built up over the course of our projects. Uprightly’s industry experts have been able to gather exclusive information on their clients’ various sectors, enabling them to effectively address a wide range of markets and situations.

Finally, our marketing consulting company saves you time: the marketing consultants make sure that your strategy is developed in a way that minimises risk. This way, it will require less adaptation to future events.

We choose to be hyper-specialised. We mobilise professionals whose expertise corresponds precisely to the sector or subject you are targeting, for each of your projects.

How does our marketing consulting company assist you?

Brand communication, product launch, corporate communication, crisis management, brand image… how can we help you?

Our marketing consulting company supports you in launching a brand or a product

Our experts will guide you in bringing your brand and its audience together. When launching a brand or a product, it is important to make this new encounter something that will remain in the memories of your target audiences. By developing a launching strategy, the marketing experts will give you all the keys to increase your visibility, in order to build strong links between your brand and its stakeholders.

Our marketing consulting company helps you manage your brand image

Whether you’re building a new brand, maintaining or renewing an existing or struggling brand, Uprightly can help you develop a brand communications strategy that is tailored to the image you want to portray. From assessing your situation to analysing your sector, Uprightly’s industry experts will help you identify the key success factors to help you convey the image you want.

Our marketing consultancy will help you to promote your product

Once your product is on the market, our marketing consultants can assist you in developing a product communication strategy, so that your target audiences are put in touch with your product. They can also help you develop its popularity and reputation, analyse its market positioning and thus enable you to mobilise all the key factors that will make it successful.

Our marketing consulting company helps you to manage and anticipate crises

The teams of a marketing consulting company are able to manage and anticipate potential crises. By implementing a crisis management strategy, they can, in particular, carry out a permanent watch on the evolution of your reputation, which will enable you to identify potentially sensitive subjects and to detect unusual behaviour.

In this way, you will have the means not only to anticipate crises but also to seize their opportunities. Implementing a crisis management strategy means that you can then direct conversations, avoid potential crises and detect those of your competitors.

Our marketing consulting company will help you improve your institutional communication

You will be supported in the implementation of an institutional communication strategy, the aim of which will be to ensure the correct diffusion and understanding of the messages that your institution wishes to convey to the relevant audiences.

Our marketing consulting company helps you manage your public image

As a public figure, you can call on a marketing consulting company to manage your image. The marketing experts develop an image strategy so that you can improve your presence in your sector, work on your speeches and develop your storytelling.

Our marketing consulting company helps you to influence public decision-makers 

A marketing consulting company gives you all the tools you need to become a key and influential player in your sector. By implementing an influence strategy, or lobbying, it ensures that you are able to understand legislative and regulatory changes in a way that will benefit your business.

Our marketing consulting company helps you understand your market and its specificities

Uprightly’s experts will work with you to help you understand and obtain key information about your industry, your target audiences and your competitors. With market research, you can analyse your presence and reputation, study your competitive environment, understand your positioning and analyse the socio-political situation in which you operate.

A marketing consulting firm will work with you throughout your thought process to help you understand your market, so that you know the keys to developing a strategy and taking action. 

Uprightly’s marketing experts will work with you to gather all the information you need to make decisions, develop a bespoke strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd, and find the right people (celebrities, inspiring personalities, hosts, etc.) to embody your brand.