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Using the services of a marketing consulting agency - Uprightly

How does a marketing consulting agency assist you?

From the understanding of your business to the development of an action plan, a marketing consulting agency will accompany you in all the different steps of your marketing project. 


Its speciality lies in the pre-production stages, whereas the creation is carried out by the communication agencies. The marketing consulting agency has a larger  role, it helps you understand your market and make strategic decisions.


A marketing consulting agency helps you to gain a better market insight. It provides you with :

  • A better understanding of the behaviour of your different audiences.
  • The right solutions to convey your messages.
  • A better analysis of your competitors.
  • A better understanding of your market position.

It also advises you on a tailored marketing strategy and action plan to help you achieve your goals and objectives. 

Uprightly marketing consultants are always working alongside an industry expert corresponding to your field of business, the sector you wish to target or the topic you are interested in.

The role of the industry expert is to strengthen the strategic analysis of our consultants to ensure that you develop a strategy that is totally consistent with the sector or topic you are targeting.

Our consultants work with all types of companies and brands: we have worked with major brands such as EDF or BNP ; various public figures such as Aurélie Jean or Sébastien Folin ; institutions such as the Ministries of the Economy and Finance, and NGOs such as Aviation Sans Frontières.

When should you contact a marketing consulting agency?

You might consider contacting a marketing consulting agency for a number of reasons. 

For instance, you may need to contact an agency when launching a brand, product or service, when improving or evolving your brand image, when trying to conquer new markets or attract new customers, during a crisis or when you want to increase your institutional influence.

At every step of the way, Uprightly’s marketing consultants and experts will accompany you in developing your marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of being accompanied by a marketing consulting agency?

Although brands or institutions typically have internal marketing and communication teams, they regularly contact marketing consulting agencies to benefit from the support of one or more strategy consultants. Why is that ?


  • They have a wide network: the many experiences of marketing consultants have enabled them to collect information on behalf of each of their clients. This gives them a wealth of information on different markets, allowing them to better understand them.
  • They are time-saving: by using a marketing consulting agency, your strategy will be more relevant and the risks will be minimised.

They bring a fresh and expert perspective to each project: marketing strategy consultants possess a sharpened expertise based on the situations they have encountered while working with other companies.

In addition, they have specific sectoral expertise for each of the elements of your strategy. They bring a new insight and expertise from their many years of experience in a variety of sectors, which allows them to better analyze a situation.

Uprightly’s teams of marketing strategy consultants are enhanced with an industry expert whose expertise is relevant to the area you wish to analyze.

On what types of strategies does a marketing consulting agency intervene?

A marketing consulting agency carries out various projects:

Market analysis

To understand key information about your consumers and target audiences, to examine your presence and reputation, to study your competitors and your positioning, and to understand the socio-political situation in which you will be evolving.

Launch of a communication strategy

so that your brand and its audience can meet and turn this experience into a memorable moment. Or even to enhance your visibility in order to build strong bonds between your brand and its target audience.

Brand communication strategy

In order to introduce a new brand, or to maintain or renew an existing and struggling brand image. By assessing your situation and the one of your sector, the marketing consulting agency helps you to identify your key success factors and thus develop the brand image you wish to convey.

Product communication strategy

So that your target audiences are introduced to your product, develop or enhance its reputation. The consultant allows you to analyse the position of your product on the market and to know all the key factors that will make it successful.

Crisis management strategy

In order to follow the evolution of your reputation, which will allow you to identify and detect potentially sensitive subjects. By monitoring the information, you will be able to anticipate crises and grasp opportunities as they occur. The aim will be to steer conversations, to manage crises and to detect your competitors’ crises.

Institutional communication strategy

To ensure that the messages your institution conveys to the relevant audiences are properly understood.

Image strategy

It aims to suggest communication and image management strategies for public figures. Thanks to a marketing consulting agency, public figures can work on improving their image, their speeches and their storytelling.

Influence strategy, lobbying or campaigning

In order to become a key player, capable of anticipating legislative and regulatory changes in a way that benefits your business.

A marketing consulting agency will accompany you throughout your thought process, ensuring that you have a new understanding of your market and the keys to developing a strategy and taking new actions. 

Uprightly’s marketing consultants and industry experts will assist you in gathering all the information you need to make the right decisions. They develop fully tailored research and strategies to help you stand out from your competitors.