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When to contact a marketing consulting firm?

What is a marketing consulting firm?

A marketing consulting firm will accompany you in all the different steps of your marketing projects. First, a marketing consulting firm will help you understand your market.

Marketing consultants should help you understand the behaviour of those you are addressing and how to address them, or to understand who your competitors are and where they fit in your market. Who is talking about you, your product or your brand? Where do you find prospects? What are their behaviours or interests? What are the language elements of your prospects? How do you position yourself in relation to your competitors?

In addition, a marketing consulting firm will assist you in developing a strategy and action plan, so that you can implement the measures that will lead you to achieving your objectives. How to address prospects? Where should you run your advertising campaigns? When to launch your product? How to manage and anticipate crises?

Thus, the marketing strategy consulting bureau does all the preliminary work: the study, the reflection and the strategy of your project. In contrast, firms have a creative and operational role, transforming your strategy into a communication medium.

Uprightly consultants will assist you in three areas: 

  • Comprehension: to gather all the key information you need to make a decision
  • Decision: to develop the right strategy for standing out 
  • Expressing yourself: to find the speaker or celebrity who will embody your events

They assist all types of brands and large companies (Dalkia, Badoo, etc.), public figures (Sébastien Folin, Aurélie Jean, Christèle Albaret, etc.) and institutions (Ministry of the Economy and Finance, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of the Armed Forces, etc.) in the elaboration of their marketing strategy.

When to contact a consulting marketing firm ?

You might need to contact a consulting marketing firm a different stages of your project, for instance : 

  • In the launch phase of a brand, product or service
  • To improve or develop a brand image
  • To conquer a new market or a new clientele
  • In a crisis situation or to detect threats
  • To increase your reputation with institutions

At each step of your project, Uprightly helps you make the right decisions about your marketing strategy.

What are the advantages of being accompanied by a marketing consulting firm?

Despite the presence of internal marketing and communication teams, brands or institutions regularly contact marketing consulting firms. Why is that ?

Consulting firms provide a fresh and expert approach

Marketing consultants have information gathered from situations encountered by other companies, as well as very specific sectoral expertise for each of the points of the strategy. Their fresh set of eyes as well as their expertise, acquired through many years of experience in various sectors, enable them to better analyse a situation.

Consulting firms have a wide network

The vast experience of marketing consultants, which has enabled them to gather information on behalf of each of their clients, also enables them to obtain exclusive information on the various markets.

Marketing consultants save you time

When you use a marketing consulting firm, you get a strategy that is designed to be effective over time, so it will require less adjustments to future events.

At Uprightly, we strengthen our team of consultants with industry experts whose expertise are relevant to the topic being analysed on behalf of our client.

What types of strategies do marketing consultant firms provide?

​​Market research

Understand key information about your consumers and target audiences, analyse your brand’s presence and reputation, study your competitors’ strategies and understand the social and political situation in which you operate.

Launch communication strategy

Create the encounter between your brand and its audience, so that this discovery remains a memorable moment. Develop your visibility to build strong links between your brand and its stakeholders.

Brand communication strategy

Bring out an emerging brand, maintain an existing image, or renew a brand in difficulty. By analyzing your situation and your sector, become aware of your key success factors and develop the desired brand image.

Product communication strategy

Get your product in front of its audience, create or develop its image. Analyse its position in the market and mobilise all the key factors for its success.

Crisis management strategy

Monitor the evolution of your reputation, identify and detect sensitive issues. Anticipate crises, control the information disseminated and seize opportunities. Monitor conversations and detect your crises and those of your competitors.

Institutional communication strategy

Ensure that the messages conveyed by your institution are disseminated and properly understood by the relevant audiences. 

Image strategy

One of the specialities of our marketing consultancy, Uprightly, is to offer communication and image management strategies to public figures. We define your positioning and image-building strategy, in the short, medium and long term. Work on your speech, your storytelling and your public speaking. Benefit from media coaching and media training, to ensure that your objectives are met.

Influence strategy / lobbying / campaigning

Become a key player, able to anticipate legislative and regulatory changes in a way that is favorable to your activities.

A marketing consulting firm will work with you throughout your thought process to help you understand your market, so that you know the keys to developing a strategy and taking action. 

Uprightly’s marketing experts will work with you to gather all the information you need to make decisions, develop a bespoke strategy that will help you stand out from the crowd, and find the right people (celebrities, inspiring personalities, hosts, etc.) to embody your brand.