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What is a Speakers Bureau and how does it work?

What’s a Speakers Bureau?

A speakers bureau (aka a “speaker agency”) is a structure that has a wide contact network and provides guidance to communications agencies or advertisers, from the private and public sectors, who would be interested in associating these profiles with their various communication projects. A speakers bureau works in close collaboration with well-known celebrities and opinion leaders in order to offer its clients a strong, reliable, and qualitative network.

The Uprightly teams work closely with celebrities and opinion leaders to provide you with a strong, reliable and quality network.

A speakers bureau assists you in the selection of your speakers

A speakers Bureau is committed to providing its clients with profiles that are appropriate for their different projects.  This is why the choice of speakers is extremely diverse.

Indeed, it can provide hosts, journalists, Michelin-starred chefs, sportsmen, keynote speakers, motivational speakers, professional speakers, comedians, and singers to run corporate showcases.

A speakers bureau can also put its clients in touch with sector experts who will intervene on specific topics, such as the acculturation of companies to digital, new mobility, the economy, consumer trends, etc…

A speakers’ bureau can also bring in what are known as « inspiring individuals”. They are men and women with extraordinary backgrounds who reflect on themes such as creativity, positive change, optimism, boldness or the ability to bounce back from failure.

Finally, celebrities from all fields can also be solicited for sponsorship or brand ambassador contracts.

Thanks to an extensive and carefully constructed network, Uprightly can help you select the most suitable speaker for your project, your needs and your objectives.

The Uprightly teams will help you find a speaker who fits in with your budget restrictions and has all the skills, expertise, eloquence and legitimacy you are looking for.

A speakers bureau supports you in your communication projects

Brands seek to bring in speakers for their internal or external communication projects.

They can use them in the context of an event, for instance, to liven up plenary sessions with a master of ceremonies or simply to provide an outside perspective through a speaker.

For their digital and audiovisual activities, brands can call on speakers to embody a magazine or a report broadcast to their employees.

Speakers are also sought for promotional projects in order to associate a brand with that of a public figure, in the form of a communication campaign. Therefore, this type of intervention requires the personality to act as a muse.

By helping brands with their communications strategies, Uprightly acts as an advisor to find the right public figure who will take on the image of your brand for a future communications project, media or event, or in case of a muse contract.

A Speakers Bureau assists public figures in managing their public image

A Speakers Bureau can also help public figures (celebrities, hosts, public figures, journalists, experts, etc.) to manage the image they convey to their various audiences and to study the conversations that surround them.

The consultants help them to assess the status of their reputation and their image as a public figure. In particular, through an overall image monitoring and in-depth research on all online communication channels (social networks, media, press sites, blogs and forums) or offline (radio, TV, print media, public opinion).

Thus, they can be fully aware of their audience’s opinions about them, the issues surrounding them, their presence in the media, and the image they convey.

By gathering all this valuable information, a speaker’s bureau can help public figures make decisions that will positively impact your public image.

Thanks to their ongoing collaboration with speakers, presenters and journalists, as well as their expertise in assisting brands and institutions with their marketing studies and strategies, Uprightly consultants are able to guide speakers in all the aspects of managing their public image.

Our consultants advise and support them in their image management strategy. They are directed towards the most relevant choices, depending on the image objectives they wish to achieve.