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Strategy consulting firm : the key to your success?

Our strategy consulting firm has a large expert network

Climate change, societal issues, technological advances, changes in financial models or new means of communication… Economic actors, both public and private, are supported by strategy consulting firms in order to align themselves with the challenges of their time and become vectors of change.

Our strategy consulting firm (or strategy consulting bureau) aims to guide company managers in their actions through expert advice. 

How to make my supply chain a competitive advantage? When should I run my new advertising campaign? How can I become a major player in innovation? How to improve the well-being of my employees? Which tools can I use to improve the customer experience? What marketing actions should I take to boost my sales? 

Our consultants develop strategies to provide you with the keys to understanding and finding relevant solutions to specific and complex issues. Our strategy consultants enable you to take targeted action to achieve your objectives effectively.

Finance, management, human resources, marketing, sustainable development, organization… The sectors of activity are multiple, which is why the consulting team gathered around a project is specialized in your market sector in order to understand all the specificities of your project.

Our strategy consulting firm brings you new insights on various topics

Financial audit, CSR audit, communication audit, marketing strategy, institutional strategy, change management consultancy, business consultancy… Uprightly is a strategy consulting firm with a large expert network that supports you in your thinking and decision-making.

To assess your own strengths in a market and make decisions that will positively impact your company and your teams, it is essential to understand, follow and adapt to sectoral and societal transformations. A strategy consulting firm can help you anticipate these changes or understand their foundations, in order to implement relevant actions.

Within an internal field of analysis, strategy consultants carry out audits to understand the state of your situation in a wide variety of areas such as financial, marketing, human resources, organizational, CSR, crisis management, experience or customer relations.

Within an external field of analysis, they also provide you with a prospective reading grid through studies, to better understand your socio-political, environmental, legislative, economic, technological and competitive environment, or to understand public behavior and social trends.

Our strategy consulting firm helps you decide on effective strategies to build your future success

Uprightly’s strategy consultants can advise and support you in developing short, medium and long term strategies to improve your positioning, increase your income, develop your market, etc.

From marketing strategy to management consulting, from the choice of a pricing, distribution policy, or the management of your teams to the conquest of new markets;

our strategy consultants have the expertise to provide you with all the keys to develop your future success.

We advise companies, brands and institutions on how to take strategic action. We create strategies to help them make decisions and take action for positive impact.

Our consulting bureau differs from most strategy consulting firms

We have a network of industry experts with active experience in the private sector who can contribute their expertise to your projects.

Company directors, founders, investors, specialized consultants, recognised profiles: our industry experts have their own activity in their own market. They are therefore in constant contact with their professional sector and are able to provide you with relevant information to develop the most sustainable strategies.

At every stage of your project, Uprightly’s industry experts are there to help you understand a sector and to support you in your decision making.

Contacting our strategy consulting firm has several advantages

Uprightly can be called upon to complement or reinforce the work of your internal teams.

The new perspective of the industry experts enables them to effectively analyze and understand the market in which you operate, providing you with a global vision of your situation.

Our consulting firm also has an extensive network of industry experts who have exclusive information on a wide range of markets and situations based on their own experience.

Finally, our strategy consulting firm saves you time: our consultants ensure that your strategy is developed in a way that minimizes risk and anticipates changes in your sector. This way, it will require less adaptation to future events.

We opt for hyper-specialization by mobilizing professionals whose expertise corresponds precisely to the sector or subject you are targeting, for each of your projects.

Our strategy consulting firm is structured around an expert network

Uprightly is a network of industry experts dedicated to your success.

Our strategy consulting firm works with private and public companies, large and medium-sized businesses, institutions, NGOs and communications and events agencies to develop effective strategies.

With our network of experts, you can address specific and complex needs intelligently.

We give you the keys to understanding the issues and sectors that shape the world, to develop effective strategies and make informed decisions.

Thanks to our industry experts, you can benefit from a unique expertise to understand a subject: 

  • in the consulting and strategic development phase ;
  • at conferences or events.

Our network of journalist-animators will help you to master your discourse:

  • in writing, by designing editorial strategies;
  • orally, by training you to speak thanks to media-coaching;
  • by embodying your content, through the organization of your events.

Our goal: to help you better understand a subject, inspire your teams, lead you to decide on effective strategies and express yourself with strength and clarity.