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Speakers Bureau: 10 tips to choose the right speaker

What is a speaker bureau?

A speaker bureau is a bureau that specializes in providing speakers, hosts, journalists or experts, both famous and not so famous, to intervene at professional events.

A speaker bureau (or “speaker agency“) acts as an consultant: with a wide address book, it advises agencies or advertisers in the private and public sectors, in order to link profiles to their various event or communication projects.

A speaker bureau ensures that the choice of public figures is fully in line with the client’s objectives and image as well as the theme of the event.

Through its extensive and carefully developed network, Uprightly assists brands, agencies, institutions and NGOs in selecting speakers to suit their projects, needs and objectives.

A speaker bureau will advise and assist you in finding the most suited speaker

Choosing the most suitable profile for a client’s projects is the keyword of a speaker bureau. This is why their teams make sure to put together a wide range of speakers from all walks of life: sportsmen and women, scientists, philosophers, comedians, singers, celebrities, artists, Michelin starred chefs… 

A speaker bureau also puts you in touch with industry experts, inspiring public figures, hosts and journalists. 

These different types of profiles will fit your projects:

  • Speakers, industry experts or subject-matter experts (scientists, investors, historians, chemists, engineers, artists, etc.), who can speak on specific subjects such as the economy, artificial intelligence, consumer trends or other topics to enrich your audience’s knowledge and help them in their decision-making.
  • “Inspiring public figures”, or motivational speakers, individuals with extraordinary backgrounds, to inspire your audiences, notably through themes such as creativity, optimism, self-confidence, positive change, innovation or audacity.
  • MCs and journalists, who will take part in your events online, on a digital platform or in person. They will help you articulate the key moments, better organise speaking time or stimulate exchanges with the public.

Whether it’s a seminar, a fair, an interview or an award ceremony, each event requires speakers who are fully adapted to the issues at stake.

Through personalized support, the Uprightly team will ensure you find a speaker who has the skills, expertise, eloquence and legitimacy to make your project a reality.

When should you contact a speaker bureau?

You may need to call on a speaker bureau for your internal or external communication projects, for which a moderator, capable of setting the pace and energising exchanges, is essential. 

You can also contact a speaker bureau if you want to mark your events with speakers or other types of speakers. 

So, whether you need a host to connect and energise your meeting or a speaker to make your events memorable, Uprightly’s teams are committed to selecting the right profile amongst their meticulously developed network to match the challenges of your events and the image of your brand.

Discover 10 essential tips to know before contacting a speaker bureau!

Ask a speaker bureau to find a speaker with the adequate level of visibility

The reputation of some speakers may be attractive, but this does not necessarily mean that they will be the most suitable profiles for your request. 

Indeed, a renowned speaker will not necessarily be the most suitable for your project. This is why the role of a speaker bureau is to ensure that your speaker is fully compatible with all the specifics of your event.

A speaker bureau will therefore always match you with profiles that have the expertise, skills, eloquence and legitimacy to match your expectations and budget.

With an extensive network of speakers, Uprightly is able to offer you profiles with different levels of renown to suit each of your projects.

Seek advice from a speaker bureau

You have already worked with speakers and have an idea of who you want to speak at your next event. You can share your expectations with a speaker bureau, but it is important to remain open to new possibilities. 

The role of a speaker bureau is to present speakers who are a perfect fit for your brand and event, so they can suggest new profiles that are a perfect match for what you’re looking for.

Uprightly’s team will ensure that your preferred speaker is an appropriate choice, and will refer you to other profiles that are relevant to your project.

Plan your budget before contacting a speaker bureau

When organising an event, make sure you budget for your speaker. With a predefined budget, the speaker bureau can quickly direct you to profiles that fit within your budget.

Avoid wasting time by making the consultants of a speaker bureau work harder than necessary. They will have spent a lot of energy customising their speaker proposals: set a budget and communicate it!

Uprightly customises its selection of speakers to suit your projects and offers a range of profiles at different rates.

Ask a speaker bureau to select a speaker with the right language for your audience

A speaker, or other speaker, is chosen according to the specificities of your audience, so that your speakers and your audience can understand each other and exchange during your event. 

Your audience has specific needs, so take them into account: for example, when faced with a multilingual audience, it is wise to choose a speaker who is able to express himself in a common foreign language and who will juggle between two or three languages, in order to address your entire audience.

With an extensive network of bilingual speakers, Uprightly consultants can provide you with profiles that share your audience’s language and culture.

Avoid choosing your speaker from a catalogue and listen to the advice of a speaker bureau

A speaker bureau is specialised in the search for and placement of presenters, speakers, experts and inspirational personalities and has an extensive network of speakers. 

Its consultants will help you choose a professional and reliable speaker. With a detailed knowledge of their speaker network and extensive experience, they will be quicker than you are and more relevant in selecting speakers that match your needs, objectives and event challenges.

Uprightly fully customises your speaker selection by going beyond a simple catalogue offer. Our consultants will work with you to find the right speaker for your project.

Contact a speaker bureau as soon as you start organising an event

When organising an event, speakers become key figures in the event. It is therefore necessary to start the search for a speaker in a timely manner. 

To find the right speaker, a speaker bureau goes through several time-consuming stages: study of the brief, suggestions, pre-selection, validation of profiles, signing of contracts, etc. 

Uprightly consultants are aware that the speaker will be one of the central elements of your event, so we ensure that we choose the speaker carefully and that we are responsive to any situation.

Contact a speaker bureau that practices price transparency

There are plenty of speaker bureaus, but not all of them work according to the same process. Before contacting a speaker bureau, it is essential to make sure that you can trust it, both when it comes to the advice and support but also when it comes to pricing.

In the same way that some speaker bureaus will offer you a catalogue of profiles without taking the time to question the issues at stake in your event or your needs, others will not be transparent in the way they work and will not explicitly tell you the cost of your speaker.

That is why, before anything else, you should make sure that the speakers’ bureau you choose is completely transparent about its rates. This means that you are fully aware of the cost of your speaker as well as that of the bureau. 

With fully transparent three-way contracts, Uprightly is committed to clearly communicating the actual cost of the speaker, separate from the agency’s consultancy fee. This ensures that the amounts in each budget are known by both parties.

Consult a speaker bureau about your speaker’s image rights 

Whether it is an internal or external event, the image rights of your speaker must be respected. Indeed, for each diffusion of photo or video of your speaker during your event, these are subject to image rights. 

If you wish to use them for promotional purposes on social networks or other communication media, please ensure that you are aware of and comply with the clauses specific to their distribution.

Uprightly’s teams ensure that the image rights clauses in your contract are properly negotiated for your external communication. 

Clearly define your objectives and entrust them to a speaker bureau 

In order to find the right speaker for your event, the consultants at a speaker bureau need to know exactly what your objectives are. This is why you need to define them beforehand.

With a clear understanding of your objectives, the Uprightly team can recommend speakers with the right skills to meet all your needs. 

Choose a speaker bureau that takes care of the scoping of your event

Scoping is a parallel service to your speaker’s intervention that is not performed by all speakers’ bureaus. This service is designed to help you organise the needs of each speaker in parallel to the event. 

Uprightly provides a framework before each event: our consultants ensure that the image rights of the chosen speaker are respected and coordinate the various organisational points. They will take care of the preparation meetings, transport and accommodation for your speaker.